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Book Review #7 – 12-in-12 Book Challenge | The Ciccarellis

Last month we finally finished our 12 in 12 book challenge! The last books were The Compassionate Samurai, Awaken the Giant Within and The Nordstrom Way; books #10, #11 & #12 in our 12-in-12 book challenge. (Catch up with our other reviews by clicking the links: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th) Book #10: The Compassionate Samurai by Brian Klemmer This is one of Erik’s […]

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Fun Day – Orcas Island | The Ciccarellis

About a month ago we realized this past weekend was going to be our first free weekend together since July! We immediately crossed it out of our calendars so that neither of us would get booked. A friend offered to let us stay in their Orcas Island house so we jumped on a ferry and […]

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Playing Catch Up | The Ciccarellis

It’s been a little crazy over here at the Ciccarelli household. We’ve been blessed to find a ton of clients that we love and have been photographing their weddings like crazy the last few months! Our last summer wedding of the season was last Saturday so now we head into editing, album designs, and getting […]

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Taking the Plunge | Story 1

Want to know the greatest part of Photography? There’s no such thing as the perfect photo. The way a photo is in black and white, the height at which the photographer is taking the photo, the way natural light is used. All these things can change a photo. All these things draw people to certain […]

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A Year with No TV – The Ciccarellis

We’ve been TV-less now for one year plus two and a half months. It seems like we should be saying that at a meeting standing in front of a group of people declaring the subtraction of an addiction because truly that is what we felt like TV had become in our lives. An addiction. When […]

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