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Confessional | Comfort Food Solves Everything

…well, not everything, but you know, it helps. It seems unfathomable, but it’s true, we’ve moved apartments AGAIN. Two days ago we took count and realized that we’ve actually moved 7 times in 6 years, which seems ridiculous, we know. The best part of our recent move is two-fold, we met amazing people who moved […]

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Capturing Equality | Seattle Wedding

Sometimes you find yourself in a moment that seems so unbelievably special it gives you chills and you tell yourself, “I’m going to remember this forever.” When we caught each others eyes across the courtroom that’s exactly how we felt. It wasn’t your typical wedding, but being in the wedding business we’ve never seen the […]

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Gone beaching.

Hello! We are headed off on our first real vacation since our wedding, and yes, we are so pumped it’s ridiculous. We will be with family for an entire week doing nothing but chatting, eating, sleeping, and reading on the beach (plus the occasional sandy workout if we feel like it). We’re unplugging (somewhat) so […]

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Fun Days | Portland

We went wild and had an entire weekend of fun. Since moving to Seattle people have been telling us to visit Portland. It took five months but we finally made the trip down south with our two wonderful friends, Hisam and Roberto. We rode the Bolt Bus, very cheap, which was extremely beneficial because we […]

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