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Exciting Announcement…Round 2!

Oh boy…or girl, we are so thrilled to announce that our little family will be growing early 2018! Bryce is super pumped (although he doesn’t know it yet) to train another member of our photography team. We have no idea what we’re in for with two little tykes, but we’re certainly excited to find out! How […]

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15 Year PROMiversary

On Sunday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, but hold up…because an even more fantastic anniversary is today! That’s right, 15 years ago today…these two kids below went to prom. We know you’re jealous of the hair, full blown sparkles, and all the early 2000’s ridiculousness (although I’d pay to see Erik in a tux again, […]

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London & Paris 2017

The world is a beautiful place. It’s giant and full of people, food, cultures, and places that amaze us. We travel as much as we can to remind ourselves how small our little part of the world is, how interesting people are, and how different life can be. This adventure took us to London & […]

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How Thanksgiving got a new name.

This year we titled the holiday Brycegiving, because well, not only is Bryce at the top of our list to be thankful for, but this year it also marked his one year around the sun, or a whole year of us surviving parenthood aka an entire year of us keeping our baby alive. (Is he […]

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B e h i n d   t h e   S c e n e s
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