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Our Biggest Announcement YET!

Last week we shared some huge news with friends and family. In late November of this year we will be training a brand new photographer! He or she will be super new at it all (in fact our newest member won’t even be able to hold a camera!) and probably won’t be part of the business […]

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4 years fly by…

…so we make sure to spend it with people we love, doing things we love, and eating cake. 4 years ago today (5.7.11) we said our own vows, on the beach, listening to the waves. We spent a week in Mexico with people we love celebrating our love. We watched the sunset from our bride […]

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Italy | The Ciccarellis

We honestly feel that travel makes us better people. When you get the opportunity to learn about others, a new way of life, see history with your own eyes, and get out of your comfort zone there is no doubt you grow as a person. Our big adventure this year was to Italy (we’ve been […]

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Photo Challenge 2 of 12: Moving Lights

Create. Challenge. Educate. We seriously had so much fun for this challenge.  It was cold and dark, yes, but we were laughing so hard and trying more and more new things that what started as a 20 minute test became a 90 minute fun free-for-all! While testing out different shutter speeds to see how long […]

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Natural Reflectors Part 1 of 3: SNOW

Over the next few weeks we’d like to share how to get amazing photos with natural light using natural reflectors. Most people don’t carry big reflectors to take a selfie, so today we’ll be sharing one of our three favorite ways to be cheaters…as if you had a reflector with you! (But if you are […]

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