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2013 in Review

Our first year in Seattle has been legen…wait for it…dary. 2013 was one of our best years yet thanks to friends & family who believed in us and supported us through it all. Here are some highlights from our adventures and our work (this is definitely a year filled with firsts). Note: iPhone photos are […]

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New Year Resolutions & Such…

Is it seriously already 2014? Why did 2013 go in such a hurry, we quite enjoyed it’s company. We suppose it’s good to try new things, so while we’re getting used to typing 14 on everything we may as well add a few more new things to the list! Marissa: I try not to go […]

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Oh Christmas Tree | Story 2

Picking out our Christmas tree this year was as simple as driving down the street, meeting Hotte (the owner of Hop In Christmas Trees), and driving away with our tiny, but robust 3 ft. tree strapped to the roof leaking sap down the windshield. There was something about this tree stand that we wanted to […]

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Confessional | Saving is Tough

We’ve been putting off this blog post, but finally decided to go through with it because it will give us more accountability and it’s the end of a full year of financial change for us. Plus if we’re struggling with something we’re positive someone else out there is too!   It’s been 6 months since […]

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F a c e b o o k
B e h i n d   t h e   S c e n e s
F o r   P h o t o g r a p h e r s