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Vancouver | Fun Days

Vancouver, you majestic city. Little did we know how fun we would have while visiting the large Canadian city to our north. Our trip basically revolved around food, which is how every trip should be by the way…We decided last minute to take the Bolt Bus so we wouldn’t have to worry about parking. Totally […]

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Pumpkin Paleo | The Ciccarellis

November always brings with it the smell of cinnamon, pumpkins, and baking (at least in our house). After finishing our last fall wedding of 2013 we hunkered down for some much needed us time…which means cooking, watching a movie, and enjoying a sweet treat! Because Erik is a fit nut we try to adhere as […]

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Rebrand Phase 3 – Website | The Ciccarellis

Simplicity, that’s our goal in all aspects of our new website. Our objectives were three things in no particular order: 1. Simplicity 2. Show us as a couple and as people. 3. Showcase our portfolio.   Thats it. This was one labor of love!   Check out our new home and let us know what […]

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Milestone Weekend | San Francisco

As the fall loomed near I was getting more and more morose about my upcoming birthday, a big one, until one of my dear friends Julie suggested we all celebrate our 30th birthdays together with a much needed girls weekend in San Francisco. We definitely all needed this trip and after much debate and planning […]

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Fit Photographer | Sleep

With the evergrowing field of health and fitness there is always something new someone is trying to promote or sell. Some work, some don’t. “Take this pill for quicker results”, “feeling tired, pop a few of these and you’re all set”. “A little fatigued, take this energy shot!”…..Fix the problem, don’t mask it. A lot […]

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