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Amanda & Ben | Rattlesnake Lake Engagement

They’d been best friends for 4 years. He was there for her after each of her break-ups and was there for her when she needed a road-trip partner. As they traveled across the country for 2 weeks, visiting 8 national parks and 1 state park, hiking and driving and chatting Amanda decided that if they could do […]

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Lauren & Jamie | Green Lake Engagement

She claims he’s not good at keeping secrets, but this one time at least, he nailed it. For her birthday they took a ferry to Brown Island for a weekend getaway. He stashed a very important ring and didn’t tell anyone, just in case. Jamie suggested a walk along the beach and she thought nothing of it, until […]

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Julie & Matt | Lake Sammamish Park

She had noticed him during their work meetings because of his sense of humor and great insight. He noticed her too and began finding excuses to stop by her cubicle. They realized there was a lot in common between the two of them and decided to start spending time together outside of work. Walks led […]

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Kaitlin & Nick | Woodland Park Engagement

Just down the street Kaitlin & Nick bought their first house together. On nights like these they walk their rescue dog, Basil, through the park together. Tonight it was just the two of them, talking about their upcoming wedding, reminiscing over funny ring stories, and planning their European honeymoon this fall. We had so much fun […]

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