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Angela & Ricky | Seattle Waterfront Engagement

They call themselves two kids at heart, which is why they’re perfect for each other! The moment they met for coffee at Starbucks there was something about the other, a spark, that made this date feel different. Ricky likes to say they met at Starbucks, but Angela confirmed that their modern romance began like many […]

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Nicole & Alan | Ballard Engagement Session

For several years they’d seen each other at different get-togethers, but not really met. Finally, on her 21st birthday they were introduced by mutual friends, but he lived in Denver so neither thought about starting a relationship. After graduating Alan moved back home to Seattle and into his own place in Fremont. It just so happened that […]

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Catherine & Brian | Freeway Park Engagement

She took the job at Starbucks to make some extra spending money for school. One of her coworkers was this nice guy who happened to be in a class with her at UW. After meeting they decided to become study buddies. Quickly Catherine & Brian became best friends over study sessions, pouring coffee and making each other laugh. When […]

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