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Lisa & Paul | Point Defiance Engagement

She went to Vegas with some girlfriends hoping for a fun girls weekend. He went to Vegas to hang with his friends for a getaway. Lisa & Paul didn’t know then, but the fates had in store for them the biggest Vegas win of all. Traveling the same weekend and a chance encounter led them […]

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Alicia & Jon | Downtown Seattle Engagement

Alicia & Jon were literally meant to be together, it just took them a few near misses to finally meet when the time was right! They both went to Miami University (in Ohio), had mutual friends, had some of the same college experiences on campus, but missed each other. Jon played baseball and Alicia played […]

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Michelle & Stephen | Pier 62/63 Engagement

Michelle & Stephen’s union was a long time coming and it all started with a can of spray deodorant. To understand that statement fully we’ll need to take you back to their freshman year of college when Michelle had the habit of studying in the boys’ floor study room for the peace and quiet. Stephen, […]

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Christine & Doug | Pike Place Engagement

It started out as strictly a working relationship, but Doug kept coming back to the most beautiful vendor, Christine, for his orders. Finally one day they found themselves at a wine bar to be a wingman and wing woman for another couple. After a glass of wine they couldn’t deny the connection they had and […]

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