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Ema & Zeeshan | UW & Suzzallo Engagement Photographer

These two bookworms are meant to be together. Not only did they host a book-themed wedding, but in planning their winter engagement session it only made sense to visit the UW campus and tiptoe into the Suzzallo library for a few photos. After our fill of fun with books we tromped around the rest of campus laughing away […]

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Marissa & Steven | Discovery Park Engagement

Right before moving out of state these two high school sweethearts (although they actually didn’t start dating until college when they realized they were the only two from home that came to the same school) decided to document their time in the PNW with an engagement session. They’ll always remember it as the place they […]

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Maggie & Derek | Discovery Park Engagement

They’d definitely made eye contact. They even had mutual friends and bumped into each other often enough on campus, but it wasn’t until their Junior year that the romance bloomed and they actually started dating. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of dates, getting to know one another, graduating, finding jobs, deciding to stay in […]

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Rica & Joe | University of Washington Engagement

They had probably walked by each other many times without even realizing it. You see, they worked in the same hospital, on the same floor, even in the same wing! He was a dental resident at UW’s hospital and she was a 4th year dental student. Of course it took a dating app to bring these two together […]

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