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Samantha & Igor | Ballard Engagement

They had recently moved to Ballard so it seemed the perfect fit for a walk (one of their favorite things to do together). They talked and laughed and would occasionally peer up at us when we called them for a more traditional smiley portrait. Otherwise these two were just together, as if on a date alone, […]

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Elisabeth & Ashton | Golden Gardens Engagement

Instantly she thought he was handsome. His profile was filled with humor and dinosaurs so she sent him a joke about triceratops and he was hooked. He responded by noting his mutual love for Tom Robbin’s Jitterbug Perfume, showing he had actually read her entire profile. They met to play retro arcade games and drink cheap […]

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Daniel & Matthew | Olympic Sculpture Park Engagement

They knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together so the next step was getting engaged. When they decided to plan the engagement together, just as they’d be doing everything together from here on forward, it felt perfect. A weekend was chosen and an adventure to Victoria was booked. They each picked a special moment to pop […]

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Katie & Joe | Discovery Park Beach Engagement

A road trip to upstate New York was the perfect setting. He planned their final stop to be their college campus, the true beginning of this love story. Before the evening began he surprised her with the new dress she’d been eyeing and told her they had reservations at their favorite restaurant in town (which also […]

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