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Jenna & Nate | Discovery Park Engagement

He asked her to go to dinner and she thought nothing of it. Just a night out, a date to enjoy each other’s company. What she didn’t know is that he’d looked at her Pinterest board to see ring styles she adored. He’d even measured the diameter of her rings with a tape measure so […]

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Charlotte & Grey | Golden Gardens

Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways. These two just happened to both be living in NYC, Colorado and Seattle (and it’s certainly possible they’d bumped into one another on a subway car or passing by along a busy sidewalk), but it wasn’t until the internet’s algorithm put these two on a first date that […]

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Molly & Taylor | Discovery Park Engagement

They’d known each other a LONG time. Rewind all the way back to 10th grade summer camp when they met over camp songs, s’mores and fireside chats (we may be indulging our imagination a bit). There was no dating or exchanging of information, but a few years later, once they’d both graduated from separate colleges […]

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Samantha & Igor | Ballard Engagement

They had recently moved to Ballard so it seemed the perfect fit for a walk (one of their favorite things to do together). They talked and laughed and would occasionally peer up at us when we called them for a more traditional smiley portrait. Otherwise these two were just together, as if on a date alone, […]

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Elisabeth & Ashton | Golden Gardens Engagement

Instantly she thought he was handsome. His profile was filled with humor and dinosaurs so she sent him a joke about triceratops and he was hooked. He responded by noting his mutual love for Tom Robbin’s Jitterbug Perfume, showing he had actually read her entire profile. They met to play retro arcade games and drink cheap […]

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