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Posing Tips for Men | A Photographer’s Education

Posted by Erik  Guys, sometimes posing can be awkward. Ladies and partners, sometimes the way a guy is posed in a photo you’re in can ruin that photo. Hopefully these tips help both men and women.  This post is here to help you out guys. I hope this makes you feel confident the next time […]

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Posing Tips for Women | A Photographer’s Education

Posted by Marissa This post idea came about because of my beautiful friends whom, after taking a selfie or group photo, will say “ew” or “do another one” to the photographer (mainly our boyfriends or husbands roped into taking our picture) because they don’t like the way they look. Although these women are gorgeous inside […]

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Do What You Love | A Photographer’s Education

Since it’s now January, which means it’s a new year, we’ve decided to write about something near and dear to our hearts these past few years. Our education continues with a book we’ve recently read called The Passion Test and the realization that we must always do what we love. Over the past couple years […]

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