Behind the Scenes 2018 with the Ciccarellis

Our 2018 edition of behind the scenes photos coming at you in March?!? Haha, yep, that’s right…it was a seriously busy winter and apparently we are just now looking through our own photos from last year. Always love recapping through these silly behind the scenes photos though, even in the spring as we prep for this year’s weddings!

First up…apparently we love long veils, even Erik.


When you try a veil toss but realize at the final moment that a log is in your running path so you almost fall into the water instead…


Even though you catch yourself from falling into said water you now are photo-bombing your couple and laughing about it too.


Next up…Erik’s photo-bombing tradition continues. So thankful that we have the best couples who think this is funny, or at least humor Erik for one pic.


And maybe some are actually a legitimate photo-bomb and not intentional? (Ahem, bottom right…)


After all these years we can honestly still say we love our job. And every once in awhile we catch each other loving it! Some ways we know we still love it:

1. Secret smiles while capturing the ceremony…


2. Shooting in the rain, while holding all the gear, and the items of our clients while still getting some incredibly fun shots.


3. Showing how to hold a train so it doesn’t drag in goose poop, fixing hair, adjusting ties, putting in veils, pinning on boutonnieres…you name it, we’ve done it. And truthfully it feels good to help! We’ve done this before (this is our 8th year!) so it’s awesome that we can support our couples with the little things, even if they’re not photo related.


4. Getting in our workout during work. Calf raises for the win!


Sometimes carrying the dress seriously counts as a workout (although Molly’s was actually light).


5. Standing in the sun when it’s in the upper 80’s and no breeze? We’ve got this.


6. We’ll carry our gear, reflector, and your stuff too! Marissa is the ultimate bag lady.


7. Trying to blend in with the bridesmaids. JK, Erik is actually getting candids of the parents, which is the sweetest thing during the ceremony, a must have to see the look on their faces!


8. Marissa calls this the mud-stance: when you don’t want to slide around while shooting in the rain.


9. The more the merrier! Couples often ask us if we like shooting with videographers. For us it’s always fun to work with other vendors, seeing their style, what different people bring to a wedding day, and widening our list of recommendations for future couples.


And last, but not least, the lighting tests. We can definitely just use our hand (see below for this cool trick you can even use to find good light for iPhone pics!), but it’s more fun to use each other. Mostly Erik gets caught being our model!


Sometimes he tries to pretend like he doesn’t know it’s happening…


…and sometimes he goes into full model stance with an over-the-sholder pose.

Okay, trying to find a good secret spot on the dance floor sometimes leads us to ask our DJ friends if we can stand close for a moment or two. Marissa thinks this is the perfect DJ pose. Thanks to all our friendors (get it? friend plus vendor) who make our job easy and seriously fun!

And one more for the cuteness factor! Rhys learning to photo bomb just like his papa…got to start them young.


If you got all the way to the end of this super long post, congrats and thank you! We always love to post photos of our clients, but this was a fun one so thanks for letting us indulge in a little silly behind the scenes. xoxo ~Erik & Marissa

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