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So we all know the saying, but when it happens to you the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is not always how we perceive the situation. Posted by Marissa

Recently my car has been acting up and doesn’t always start on the first try, something it’s NEVER done before. In fact I feel lucky that I have had the best experience with this car…other than the fact that the air sometimes comes on at full blast without any prompting and the radio display doesn’t show (meaning I have to keep it on one station or be forever searching stations blindly), but seriously nothing crazily bad has ever happened. So when it didn’t start on the first try the other day I just thought it was me or the cold weather. Nope, after a few days it wouldn’t even work on the 4th try so a quick trip down the road to a mom & pop auto store, a new battery, a handy uncle, and an hour later things were looking up! Until the next day when it happened again. Rather than spend another ridiculous amount on a new starter (which my uncle is sure is the problem) I decided to wait a few weeks until a new bank statement…who likes to have a bunch of charges for a car problem all in one month?

The point is I figured I didn’t really need my car much. I work from home and occasionally I can borrow a car if I need to run an errand. The only true annoyance was going to the gym, which I like to do frequently, but not daily. So I dragged my bike out of storage, spent an hour searching through still unopened boxes to find the bike pump, cleaned off my helmet (I’m really not a good bicyclist and this is a must for my own safety!), found the key to my lock in the bowl of millions of keys (does everyone have one of these bowls, yikes!) and I was on my way to the gym a couple miles away. It was wonderful! I hadn’t ridden in over a year, since moving from Chicago where we rode often. The bike was in great condition with no starting or battery issues AND I got an extra workout on my way to the gym, not to mention being fully warmed up by the time I got there! Plus I saved on gas, okay so maybe like 2 dollars, but still! I was a happy girl. The car has now been sitting and waiting for a week and I’ve been happily riding around. Lemons you say? Bring on the lemonade!

Erik took these stellar shots!

Yes, me after coming home from the gym…no make-up and gym clothes, “she’s cute!” (A few friends will understand this saying.)

The inspiration for this post came not only after the bike/car situation but when we were watching Modern Family the other night (love!) and Phil said, “when life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all ‘Whaaat?'” It got me thinking and laughing! My favorite quote from that night though was, “watch a sunrise at least once a day.” You actually do a double take right?

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