Fun Day – The Ciccarellis | La Push

Part #2 of our Adventure last week…

One of our favorite beaches to visit is just around the corner on the peninsula, La Push, or rather First Beach. We trekked out there last week on our continued adventure of showing Erik’s parents the northwest, figuring we had to show them some evergreen-forests and beaches, and knowing that the Olympic National Forest was where we had to go. We happened to make it there just at sunset to exerience some amazing views as the sun dipped behind clouds and ocean. 

The beaches on the coast are littered with huge pieces of driftwood, which is just amazing to think that the waves pushed them there.

We were taking pictures and a swell came in! Erik’s mom didn’t make it to high ground because she ran into this driftwood and got stuck!

Right by the beach are some fantastic hikes where we felt the quiet and calm of nature as we hiked and breathed in all the fresh air.

It made us want to watch Twilight…

Hope to be back soon!

~Erik & Marissa

Lisa Henry - Just so everyone knows…they were all laughing at me! I could have died! ~ Erik’s mom! ❤

Erik Ciccarelli - Haha, theres only one person I know that laughs when danger is happening.

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