Pin it. – Why we love it!

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet and you are having a wedding, ready…set…start pinning!

(or even if you just like to stay organized with your ideas all in one place!)

We found Pinterest this summer and haven’t looked back. All those times when you’d find something online that you loved and had to write down the URL or the website and hopefully not lose that tiny piece of paper are gone! Now when you find a fabulous idea for flowers or invitations you just click the convenient button most websites have now (Pin) and it shows up in the category of your choosing on your Pinterest board that you’ve created. You can even download your own Pin button for your bookmarks bar that allows you to Pin any photo from any website! Dream come true for those of us out there that can’t remember where we saw that great hat or where we saw that cute engagement photo idea. Plus now we have a much less cluttered desk since all those sticky notes with reminders are gone!

Things I use it for the most…when I’m having people over and need decorating tips, when I find a recipe I want to try, when I’m dreaming about our future home, and when I find inspiration in fellow photographers’ photos.

Seriously, give it a try and look me up (Marissa)! I have so much fun finding ideas for weddings (even though ours is long gone, maybe 10 year renewals?) and pinning photos that continue to inspire us.

~Erik & Marissa

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