Fun Day- Skiing | The Ciccarellis

Every winter we are always so excited to go skiing. And EVERY year the date gets pushed back further and further. There are a few years we never even make it up because we realize it’s April! This year, being in the Pacific Northwest for the first time, we were determined to make it. Same thing happened…every weekend we had something come up! Finally we found a date that was literally the very last day we could both go and blocked off our schedules weeks in advance. We’re so happy we did because we had a blast! It was the most beautiful blue sky, warm but not too warm, sun-shining day. In fact, it was so nice both of us got burnt on our noses. Erik is incredibly athletic so he’s always whipping down the slopes, going off jumps, and racing to the bottom where I am definitely more timid with speed and I find a thrill in jumps that get me about 2 inches off the ground. Thankfully we went with friends so Erik had someone to do the cool stuff with.

 Of course we don’t like to ski with our big camera equipment so these were shot with our tiny point & shoot plus some Instagram pics!

Love that jacket Sean. Never missed you once! Below Erik strikes a pose, waiting for me to catch up.

Goal for next winter…don’t wait so long to go skiing, then maybe we’ll actually get to go more than once!


Lisa Henry - Yeah! You are lucky you have this great area so close! My vote-go 3-4 times next year.

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