Milstid Family | Saltwater State Park

The Milstid family is one of those families that is so happy they make you smile. Throughout our photo session they were talking, laughing, joking, and just enjoying being together. We met at Saltwater State Park (thanks for the recommendation guys!) and couldn’t have been happier with the beauty there. This family grew up camping and coming to this park particularly to play and have fires by the beach. It felt like they were coming back to a special place that brought them fun memories while we walked and enjoyed the day.

We met this wonderfully cheerful family through The F.I.L.M. Project when Jamie wrote in to schedule a photo session for their family. Her brother Bill has been living with cancer for 10 years and is about to undergo another set of treatments. His bravery and happy outlook on life certainly brings this group together. We saw firsthand how this family doesn’t miss a single moment of joy. They take advantage of every day they have together, just like our time with them at the beach. What an amazing outlook on family, time together, and enjoying each moment with people you love.

Thank you Milstid family. Not only do you help us see what’s truly important, but you have reminded us to laugh, be happy, and love.

Bill and his daughter Kyra.

Thank you for this beautiful day!

~Erik & Marissa

To learn more about The F.I.L.M Project click Here!

James Milstid - Wow! These are great! Thank you so much Erik and Marissa!

Bill Milstid - We had a great time much thanks to The Ciccsrelli family!

Jamie Milstid Harres - Awesome pictures! Thank you!

Sarah Craft - Awesome…you two captured the spirit of our family beautifully! Thank you! :)

Shelley Sykes Milstid - Thank you so much for the awesome pictures and memories that will last forever. Thanks also for sharing early! We are excited to see the rest!

Candace Hoyland - I can’t wait to see them too………xoxoxox

Melissa Hunsicker - Beautiful Shelley!

Sylke Howe - You are a remarkable family!

Heidi Parker-Dinsmore - I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS! So Precious! XO Milstid’s

Vikki Poli Adsley - I love you all! Can’t wait till I hear about your trip to Hawaii! You are in my prayers and thoughts, live for today:))

Elizabeth Grasher - please tell your family hello! :) great pics!

Liz Dryfoos - Gorgeous pix!

Jennifer Gilbert-Smith - I still miss @[1431510531:2048:Jamie Milstid Harres] at RFL Kent!

Taryne Scott - These are really cute!!!!!

Yamilena Norton - Love it!

Ciccarelli Photography - It was completely our pleasure Shelley! What an amazing family you have!

Laurie Pinoski - Great photos! You and your family are always in my prayers @[1474673768:2048:Shelley Milstid]!

Shannon Michelle Altona - What an amazing special family! My heart goes out to them

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