Book Review #5 – The Ciccarellis

In March (our 7th book) we read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, continuing our 12-in-12 book challenge.

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Again this book is tabbed like crazy for future use, plus a reread or two.

Book #7: The Success Principles

Wow, this book is an eye-opener/life changer, to say the least. We 100% recommend this book. There are so many basic life lessons that just make sense in here. It doesn’t matter if you own your own business, are a stay at home parent, or work for the man…this book is for everyone. We guarantee you will learn from it! Again, this book is so amazing there are too many things to share so we picked 5 things we do now.

Take-Aways we use NOW:

1. Purpose & Goal Setting – This book is full of activities to do and practice (so get a notebook!). One of the first things you’ll do is discover your purpose. Not your career, but the general concept of what you believe your purpose is and finding actions to fulfill that purpose. Jack is a big believer on setting goals…whether it’s life goals (ex: bucket list) or goals for your career, once you’ve read this book you’ll have lists upon lists of goals!

2. Set Big Goals – In this process we set many goals from small to big, but Jack really doesn’t want you to shy away from anything. If you had a goal when you were younger to be a lion tamer than add that to the list! One exercise even has you list one giant goal (something that other people might think is unattainable). There are so many purposes for goal setting and to write some of those big ones down feels amazing, it helps you believe you can do them!

3. Big Goals need Big Motivation – Sometimes it’s hard to get a big goal accomplished and what you need is motivation. Not just someone telling you to do it, but a great reward or maybe a consequence if you don’t do it by a certain time. One of our latest goals is to have a cheat meal once every 5 days (we’ve done it before but recently have been lacking). We needed some motivation so if either of us doesn’t follow this goal (ex: have a cookie on the 3rd day) then we give up our monthly personal money to the other. If you read our post about Dave Ramsey and budgeting than you know we each get a certain amount of personal money each month to do whatever with (everything else is budgeted) so this money is super important to both of us and we absolutely do NOT want to give it up over a cookie.

4. Success/Thankful Journal – This month, thanks to this book, we both started a journal. Each night we right 2-4 success (big or small) that we accomplished in that day. It could even be that we worked really hard at the gym. One thing we decided to add to this concept was also writing 2-4 things we are thankful for each day. This idea helps give us confidence and is a way to look back and read over some great successes and remember what you’re thankful for when you’re down or need a boost before a big meeting.

5. Educate Yourself– Education continues to be a similar theme in our favorite books. Jack writes about how important it is to continue educating yourself through books, podcasts, workshops, and mentors. We agree completely and are even more dedicated to continuing on this path of 12 in 12 (or more!) books for self-education each year. Two things he said that we love are “be teachable” and “leaders are readers”. He explains that being teachable means you never know when you might learn from someone or an experience so be open to learning in random places…you never know when someone may give you the best advice or knowledge.


Can’t say enough great things about this book. A must read…the best so far! Thanks for reading!
~Erik & Marissa
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