Instagram – Why we heart it.

Okay, so we obviously love photography…pretty much in every way. It truly is an artform and the arts are incredibly important to us! That being said, photography equipment can be outrageously expensive, which is why we love Instagram. Instagram brings photography and simple edits to everyone who has a phone with picture-taking capabilities (even Erik’s grandma’s phone can take pics although we still need to train her to use it!).

We also find that even though we’re photographers, we don’t necesarrily take our equipment with us everywhere we go! It’s heavy, we don’t want to take it places it could get lost, stolen, or damaged and sometimes it’s nice just not to have it with us every second. BUT, we are always finding moments we want to remember so we snap it with Instagram!

Plus, BONUS, we found a great company that prints your Instagrams called, wait for it…Printstagram. We haven’t ordered anything yet, but they have such cool products!

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Erik         &        Marissa

~Erik & Marissa

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