Amy & Keelan – Wedding | The Landmark

Amy & Keelan are married! If a couple deserves happiness it’s this one. We were very excited to help capture their wedding day full of tears and joy. Amy was such a calm bride, taking care of her tiny ring-bearer’s tie and making sure all the kids in the wedding party were well-fed throughout the morning. Keelan certainly felt the weight of this important day and was overjoyed to see his bride during their first look on the rooftop of The Landmark overlooking Tacoma with a view of the mountains. Amy actually tucked tissue into her dress just in case he teared up (which, it turned out, was a good thing she did). Even though the rain halted our plans to walk to a nearby park for photos Amy & Keelan took it all in stride, just grateful to be with each other on this special day. Plus they were happy enough to run outside with an umbrella to capture a few fun shots in front of their giant sign. What a great couple, we wish you a marriage full of happiness & love. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Shrake!

The Details:

Venue: The Landmark (Tacoma, WA)

Florist & Cake Artist: Jennell’s Flowers and Pies

DJ: Viva Productions

We loved that Keelan had his son as his best man, absolutely adorable.

This first look was full of emotion…smiles and lots of happy tears.

Keelan read over his vows before the ceremony and it hit him, he was marrying the love of his life in just an hour.

Amy & Keelan stole this sweet kiss in the hallway after walking down the aisle…their 2nd kiss as husband & wife.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your wedding!  ~Erik & Marissa

Leslie Froman - beautiful wedding!!!!!

Charlene Kennedy-Sewell - Amazing!

Illa Jean Olson - My Heart Is So Happy For The Both Of You.. Congratulations on your new life as Man and Wife.. Truly a Beautiful Wedding..

Leilani Olson - Wow, that was the most emotional wedding I’ve ever been to, not that I’m the mother of the groom or anything! This is the most memorable thing I think we have done as a family. (other than having the g-kids) So proud to have you , Amy, as my new daughter. And very happy for you, Key for finding the best! Love you both <3.

Tom Haney - Great pix of the both of you. Enjoy and nurture the happiness that is apparent in both of your faces. It takes work and a lot of love to make it thru. You guys have a great start!

Amy Shrake - Thanks uncle tom can’t wait for you to meet him.

Illa Jean Olson - … <3 ….

Lisa Henry - love these pictures! what a fun wedding.

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