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It’s been awhile since we’ve documented a fun day! Truth be told, we were feeling a bit tired and in need of a break so last Thursday, in finding out we had the whole weekend free, we decided to leave it all and head into the wild! Friday found us packing quickly (forgetting many things, yep forgot pillows!) and hitting the road to try and find an open camping site. Lucky for us there were plenty at Mt. Rainier! We were off the grid, no service of any kind, and it felt amazing reconnecting with nature, peace & quiet, and each other.

Camping 101:

-make a list, check it twice (then keep that list for the next time and add anything you forgot)…message us if you need a list, ours has been through several rounds of camping!

-there are conflicting signs everywhere about bears…1 says to run and one says don’t run

-apparently if a mountain lion attacks you are encouraged to fight back (bare hands?)

-pack layers…it was high 60’s during the day and 40’s at night

-keep it minimal, it’s easy to buy a bunch of gadgets to take with you, but we think the point of camping is making it work with as little as possible.

Dare devil.

Fire queen.

We cook everything over the fire, even blueberry pancakes (pre-made the batter and brought it in tupperware).

Always sad to pack up the tent, until next time! (Although it was nice to take a shower and clean under our nails.)

Lisa Henry - Fun! But I’ll take the Ritz Carlton!!!!

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