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Happy July!!! (and 4th of July tomorrow!)

Today being the first Wednesday of the month, even though it feels like a holiday, we wanted to tell our experience learning how to deal with reflections in glasses. When we first started out we couldn’t figure out how to eliminate the glare often seen in people’s glasses!  After experimenting and doing a little self-education it’s really quiet simple.

 Erik’s in our living room, but this certainly applies outside as well…reflective buildings, the sun, pretty much any light source or lighter surface will reflect. The first photo on the left shows how the windows are reflecting into his glasses. For the photo on the right I had Erik turn just slightly away from the window and tilt his head down a bit. I also stood up a bit higher in order to eliminate the reflection. As the photographer, sometimes it’s easier to move your own body rather than asking the client to keep tilting this way or that way.

In the example below we added a light source, a reflector. If Erik holds it close to his face you can see it in his glasses on the left. In the photo on the right he held it a bit further away, decreasing it’s effect, but at least you don’t see it anymore in his glasses. With children it’s a bit more difficult because they aren’t going to follow specific adjustments as easily as adults so the key here is to keep moving your body (typically at an angle and up) until you eliminate the glare.

Lesson Learned: Keep moving your client until the glare disappears.

Hope this helps someone out there, we sure could’ve used it from the get-go! ~Erik & Marissa


Lisa Henry - the model is very cute!

House of Krauss - Informative!

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