Taking the Plunge | Story 1

Want to know the greatest part of Photography? There’s no such thing as the perfect photo. The way a photo is in black and white, the height at which the photographer is taking the photo, the way natural light is used. All these things can change a photo. All these things draw people to certain photos. With that being said, we often remind ourselves we can use our camera outside of our job as wedding photographers, while taking whatever type of photos we want! Even photos where our hair looks like it’s being pulled up to space. Capturing moments and storytelling through photography is what we love so we decided to take a stroll to a new possible engagement location to see what we could find.

September 19th was a beautiful day in Seattle. Little did we know we were about to capture someone’s story.  After taking photos of ourselves on a deserted overpass (random) we were about to leave to cook dinner. Approaching us were two young men only wearing shorts. From where we were the only route to the water was to jump off the 40 foot overpass into the black murky abyss below. That’s exactly what these two guys had in mind.

We asked if we could take their photos. They were thrilled to have this story documented.

We learned from this encounter that although we’re photographer’s we don’t use our craft in everyday situations enough. So..we will continue posting totally random blogs that have one major thing we all have in common. Life.

The End.

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