Abigail & Shaun – Engagement | Pioneer Square

Well, what can we say. These lovebirds should just buy the website mostadorablecouple.com. Being in the wedding industry it never gets old to see a couple in love. That’s exactly how these two feel…in love, happy, energetic and full of many wonderful years ahead of them. We met Abigail and Shaun at Pioneer Square on a rainy, cold day, but here’s how we knew this was going to be a good shoot. Right as we met, the rain stopped, the sky cleared up and the sun was beaming. These are the times when we know it’s going to be amazing.

As we strolled through the back alleys of the now perfectly lit streets, these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Which, by the way, makes it really easy to take photos. After a great session at Pioneer Square we drove over to the Olympic Sculpture Park. We knew going into the session that Shaun played the guitar, but we didn’t know how great he was. We took photos as Shaun played to Abigail on the water by the park. What an amazing moment, not to mention he was playing a song he wrote for her. The guy has skills!

We couldn’t be happier for you guys. Thank you for letting us be a part of you amazing day.

~Erik & Marissa

Question: Is there coffee in those cups??

We’re creating a special award for you guys. It’s going to involve being mega cute.

Sheryl Patino Robledo - Very nice pics of the two of ya…

Lillie Rohrich - So Beautiful my Handsome son and his Beautiful wife to be.

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