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Two weeks ago we found ourselves stressing about what to wear, deciding if straight or curly hair was the way to go, and doing last minute things like painting nails in the car on the way to our photo session. Okay, so maybe that was all just me (Marissa)! But seriously, we think it’s so important to get professional photos taken each year, even if you Don’t have kids! A fantastic photographer, Sue Bryce, once said you should exist in photos for your children – we couldn’t agree more. I’m lucky that my great grandfather was a professional photographer so my mom’s side of the family has tons of photos. I love seeing my grandma as a young teenager or my mom when she was college-age, these photos are priceless to me and one day we hope our children get to look back at all of our photos to see what our life was like.

But I digress, we scheduled a photo session with our photographer friends, Julianna & Nathan, to get our annual photos and to update our new (and soon coming!) website. (We also took their photos and posted about it last week, check it out here if you missed them.) These two are super talented plus they’re down to earth and just nice people, the best kind to work with when you’re trying to get comfortable in front of the camera. We wanted our photos to reflect how ridiculously goofy we are around each other and couldn’t be happier with how our pictures turned out! Thanks Rennards!

Additionally we love to be reminded how our clients feel before and during a session. It’s good to know how picking out an outfit is time consuming and how it feels to be in front of the camera acting loving or playing around when someone is photographing you. If you’re a photographer we recommend switching to the other side of the camera at least once a year to see how it feels. Here’s a peek at some of our favorites!

 Thanks Julianna & Nathan! You two are amazeballs. Can’t wait for more future fun photo sessions! ~Erik & Marissa

Norah Geshkewich O'Brien - Love.

Susan Fritts McConnell - My girl. And her cute hubby.

Bob Metzger - Fantastic pictures, you guys look great!

Colleen Riddle Remboldt - You guys are a RIDICULOUSLY attractive couple. Not to mention adorable, fun-loving, kind, caring, funny, witty, and sweet!!! These are FANTASTIC pictures!!!!

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