Get in FRONT of the Lens | An Education

This month we decided to write about something that we just discovered recently, as in, last month. In October we scheduled a photo session with our photographer friends to renew the photos on our website and for a new metal print we’re excited to hang on our wall! We came to the realization that as photographers we’re always photographing others, but we also need to be photographed. Not only for the sake of documenting this moment in our lives, but also to understand how our clients feel in front of us!

Some things we learned for our next session BEHIND the lens:

1. your clients may be nervous

2. they spent a lot of time thinking about their outfit and getting their look just right

3. they don’t know where to look…at the camera, you, somewhere else?

4. they don’t know where to put their hands

5. the ladies need some hair help since they don’t have a mirror

6. the photographer truly makes you feel good with kind words

7. laughing is fun and eases the tension of getting your photo taken

8. they feel much better after the first 10 minutes (so don’t ever have a 10 minute session)

9. seeing a photo of themselves looking awesome makes the session even better

10. they like it when you give them a LOT of directions

We recommend photographers get their picture taken at least once a year to learn, grow and have a general knowledge of what it feels like on the other side. As a side note- when you have a photo session you’re walking the walk, showing that photography is important not only for your clients buy for you too! A shoe salesperson wouldn’t keep the same ratty 5-year old pair of shoes and be respected in their work. We love photography, we love to be photographed, and we love the memories our photos bring us. We walk the walk.

Lesson Learned: Have photo sessions of ourselves taken at least once a year.

~Erik & Marissa

Julianna & I both giving directions to Nathan during our dual photo session while Erik snaps this pic of us all in action! If you missed our final photos click HERE.


Julianna Rennard - So cute!!!!

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