Comfy Shoes & Batteries that Last | A Photographer’s Education

Is it December already? CRAZY! This month for our continued education we wanted to share 2 quick things that have changed us this past fall…


1. We finally realized how important it is to have amazing shoes!

Seriously though, when you’re on your feet for 8-10 hours running, squatting, dancing, kneeling, climbing, whatever else we crazy wedding photographers do to get the perfect shot, you need to have some quality foot gear. This is not an area to skimp out because once your feet ache (and trust us…they will if you’re not in the right pair of shoes) it’s hard to ignore the fact that you want to rip off your shoes and continue working barefoot or from a seated position- both of which would be weird, not to mention unprofessional. So avoid the strange stares from being barefoot and get yourself some decent shoes! It’s well worth the investment.



2. We switched up to rechargeable batteries!

For awhile now we’ve discussed purchasing rechargeable batteries and finally made the plunge- not that they’re really that expensive when you think about how many regular batteries you have to buy. In the long run these suckers are going to save us money and who doesn’t love that? We purchased eneloop and found an 8-cell charger that we use to charge a bunch at a time. We went with a Powerex MH-C800S and love it. The screen shows each individual battery charge, because lets face it…sometimes you’re just not sure if the battery dumped at the bottom of the camera bag is charged or empty. The most important thing about these batteries is that they last so much longer than the ones we used to buy! We used to go through at least 8 batteries each for every wedding, but these babies will stay put in our flash for an entire wedding with the ability to recycle and fire again very quickly. (Plus, added bonus, we’re not throwing away tons of batteries every week!)

 Lesson Learned: Always buy comfy (but cute) shoes. Use rechargeable batteries.

Thanks for reading! ~Erik & Marissa


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