B. Family – Girls, Girls, Girls

You know the saying, “girls have more fun”? With this pair we think it might be true. These two are not only adorable in photos, but really good to each other…and they certainly have a lot of fun!

What a great day with these two. We picked flowers, ran through fields, and watched them share many giggles.

Although they get along, these two are pretty different. One is more practical, while the other is a free spirit. Whatever their differences (even blonde vs brunette), we love how you can see the similarities in them below.

What a loving photo (below, left)! The funny thing is that right after this shot they started tickling each other and both lost totally lost it. Good thing we snapped this one first!

These two really do have fun together. Below is our favorite – trying to be tough, but on the verge of wild sister giggles. May you always stay this way with each other and cherish your sisterhood.

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