New Year Resolutions & Such…

Is it seriously already 2014? Why did 2013 go in such a hurry, we quite enjoyed it’s company. We suppose it’s good to try new things, so while we’re getting used to typing 14 on everything we may as well add a few more new things to the list!


I try not to go crazy with resolutions and make ones that I won’t or can’t make come true. So simply…

1. Add veggies to breakfasts.

2. Work on loving myself, flaws and all.

3. Travel out of the county.

4. Create more friendships while staying in touch with the ones I already love.

5. Enjoy each day like it’s an adventure.

6. Continue learning – in life, love, business, friendship, and anything else 2014 brings my way!


Erik: I’m going big this year…

1. Squat 400lbs.

2. Take 3 major trips this year. Peru, Italy, and Hawaii.

3. Meditate 3x a week.

4. Keep in touch with friends.

5. Get 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep a night

6. Buy a house.

7. Learn to shoot a gun.

8. Have one day a week with no technology.

9. Learn to play the drums.

10. Make sure that when I write this blog again in January of 2015 I had zero regrets in the past year.


We wish you all a happy new year! Hope that your 2014 is filled with love and happiness (and tons of adventure).

~Erik & Marissa


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