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This post idea came about because of my beautiful friends whom, after taking a selfie or group photo, will say “ew” or “do another one” to the photographer (mainly our boyfriends or husbands roped into taking our picture) because they don’t like the way they look. Although these women are gorgeous inside and out I thought I’d give them some posing tips to feel better in front of the camera. Just so they don’t forget, and to help any other group photo enthusiasts out there, I decided to share these quick adjustments to make you look awesome. (You’re welcome boyfriend/husband/partner-photo-takers…hopefully you’ll only have to take one shot now.)

Posing Tips for WOMEN

1. Standing straight towards the camera with arms pressed against your sides and legs together isn’t the most flattering look for most women (pictured on the left). Even just a simple hand on the hip or bent knee will help make you look more confident and gives you spaces between your body parts (notice the open triangles in the photo on the right) making you have those lovely womanly curves.


2. If you’re looking for an even better image with more curves and a thinner physique try the technique below. The image on the left shows arms down and the back knee bent. In the image on the right I’ve added dimension and curve by putting my hand on my hip, but I’ve also thinned out my body by bending my front knee and sending my weight to my back hip. This automatically creates a nicer look in under 5 seconds and is our standard go-to tip for posing most of our women when we have large groups like bridesmaids.


3. If you’re taking a selfie the key is not to take the photo up into your face from below or straight on like the photo on the left. Instead try taking your selfie from an angle slightly above your nose like the photo on the right to get rid of extra chins and to lengthen out the face.


4. Sitting can be rough, no matter how fit you are! The key is do Not sit back in the chair or bench like the photo on the left. Instead, sit on the front edge of the seat…this is most important because it automatically sends your hips back and your chest forward, giving you better posture. If you want to add on from there try crossing your ankles, brining your arms away from your body, and turning your torso so that you have knees pointing one way and shoulders pointing another, like in the middle and right photos. Some photographers call this an S curve if you can make your body like the letter S.



I hope this helps you feel more confident in front of the camera next time!

Remember- front knee bent, hips back, arms away from your body, selfies from above, and S curves will make you look just as fabulous on camera as you know you are in real life.


*Dedicated to all my inside-and-out-beautiful girlfriends, you know who you are.

Brittany Brazelton - Love this!!

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