Sobota Family – Swinging Josie

What an absolutely adorable family this was! When we first met the Sobotas we at once knew they were going to be special. You could tell there was an abundance of love and joy in this family and they were excited to share their photo shoot with soon-to-be baby #2!  The entire photo session was laid back, fun, and playful. Just the way we like it!

You can tell Erin and Dave are incredibly patient, hands-on parents with the way they swung Josie around again and again just to make her giggle for the camera (and for fun too).

This couple was convinced we might not get a smile out of Josie (and were totally okay with that…it’s hard being almost 2!), but we were all happily surprised to see her toothy grin in this next photo! Many parents forget about getting their own photos taken so we always make it a point to get them alone while one of us chases the kids around. We love this happy picture of Erin & Dave, laughing, keeping their eye on Josie, and still in love.

Thank you Erin, Dave, and Josie! We loved watching you playing together, sharing your happiness with us.

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