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Posted by Erik 

Guys, sometimes posing can be awkward. Ladies and partners, sometimes the way a guy is posed in a photo you’re in can ruin that photo. Hopefully these tips help both men and women.  This post is here to help you out guys. I hope this makes you feel confident the next time someone whips out their cell phone. Or the next time your mom wants to take your photo because you look so handsome in those new khakis from the Gap.

Posing tips for MEN

1. Sitting while getting your photo taken can add years to the way you look just by the shape you’re positioned in.  Men, we want to seem confident and strong, even when seated. Start at the photo on the left. I’m slumped over, my spine is in the shape of a C and my shoulders are collapsed. I don’t look confident, I look uncomfortable and I look like I need to go to the bathroom. All I’ve done to change this photo are two things. I spread my stance to give myself a more broad look and hinged forward at my hips. Just by doing those two changes I’ve created a broader ME and a more neutral spine which puts me in a strong position. (You can also add the look to the far right. GQ Spring, 2014). 


2. Standing by yourself for a photo can be just plain weird sometimes. But remember, lets keep it simple. We’re keeping the same things in mind as sitting. Strong and confident. The photo on the left is me standing there looking like I haven’t a clue in the world. There is nothing about this photo that says strong or confident. All I’ve done for the second photo on the right is alter a few things. I put my stance a little bit wider for a larger base, I did the “cool guy” pose and only kept my thumbs in my pockets. Lastly I put myself at just a slight angle. Remember, I still want a broad ME but with a little angle there’s more dimension and suddenly the photo pops out.


3. Guys, you can always look cool when you walk. It’s like an unwritten law. These will come in handy if you get some professional photos taken. Just walk, look awesome and be confident.


4. One of my favorites. The meat neck. If you grew up playing a sport and needed your photo taken for a website or player card you’ve probably done this. Put your hands behind your back and hinge at your neck and don’t you dare smile…


5. What exactly would you like me to say for this last photo? I think it speaks for itself. Life-changing. (This one is off limits. Don’t let me see a Facebook photo of you like this.)


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