Pike Family – Eskimo Kisses

Meet some of the coolest dressed kids we’ve met! We loved the colors, they were perfect for spring. It’s no wonder that their grandmother designs clothing. This trio was not only cute, but hilarious too! Melanie kept tickling her kids and we ended up with some great laughing shots.

When we said to the kids, “touch noses” this is what we got!

When mom said, “no, they mean Eskimo Kisses” they did this!

What characters these two are! While we were taking photos they decided to lay down and did this next pose on their own (right). You can tell these guys have such different personalities…I’m thinking serious vs. silly.

What we love about the next two are how expressive their faces are. Jordan tried to kiss his sister and the look on her face says something like, “I don’t think so!”  Then in reverse when Mikayla tried to kiss her brother his look makes you think something mischievous is about to happen. Oh siblings!

Kisses for mom! Thank you Melanie, Mikayla, and Jordan.

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