Michelle & Stephen | Pier 62/63 Engagement

Michelle & Stephen’s union was a long time coming and it all started with a can of spray deodorant.

To understand that statement fully we’ll need to take you back to their freshman year of college when Michelle had the habit of studying in the boys’ floor study room for the peace and quiet. Stephen, who already had a crush on Michelle, duct taped a can of deodorant to stay in the on-spray position and threw it in the room on Michelle to get her attention. The plan totally backfired, since Michelle was furious.

Thankfully their story didn’t end there! Finally, junior year, they became friends and Michelle was convinced that guys and girls really could be just friends. By senior year, though, the two were dating and she realized her friends were right- guys and girls can’t be just friends! Four years is a long time to wait, but Michelle was totally worth it.

Stephen and Michelle, we cannot wait for the wedding. And Michelle, we’ll totally double as your bodyguards in case deodorant shows up at the reception. ~Erik & Marissa



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