Alicia & Jon | Downtown Seattle Engagement

Alicia & Jon were literally meant to be together, it just took them a few near misses to finally meet when the time was right! They both went to Miami University (in Ohio), had mutual friends, had some of the same college experiences on campus, but missed each other. Jon played baseball and Alicia played softball, but obviously their teams were never opponents so they missed each other again.

Finally, thousands of miles away from where they had so much in common, the two met quite by accident. A mutual friend was moving to Seattle and contacted them both separately to get together, since the two of them were the only people she knew who lived here. Over lunch, discussing the best Seattle spots and giving advice to their new Seattleite friend, something unexpected sparked between Alicia and Jon. That unexpected something was love, but they wouldn’t realize it until much later, after many dates and conversations about all the people they both knew and all the things they loved about Miami.

Now they get to share all their new Seattle experiences with each other and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. Alicia & Jon, we cannot wait for your wedding next year! ~Erik & Mariss


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