Being Us

With Halloween behind us we figured this was the perfect time to write this post. Trust us when we say we love Halloween and themed parties. There’s just something about dressing up and acting out a role that is quite the opposite of your true self.

That being said, we firmly believe in our business and most of our life (other than themed parties and Halloween of course) we are perfectly happy and content being our true selves. Just like in marriage when you know you’re taking that person to be your one and only, faults and all, forever. We’re definitely not perfect, and a little weird, but our friends like us for all we are and our clients choose us for all we are.


It’s certainly easy to look at someone else and think, hm…I should be more like her, but when it comes down to it we’ve found that the best remedy for self-doubt is to talk with someone you love and have them tell you that you’re just fine, just the way you are. (Although we do love and highly encourage goal setting for the little things.)

So take it from us, be yourself…your crazy, fun, wild, whatever self and the right people will love you more for it. ~Erik & Marissa


Susan Fritts McConnell - Love the headbands!

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