A New Kind of Resolution


Sometimes you have those years. You know the ones, where you have a huge list of resolutions and goals. (That was our 2014.) This year we’re still setting goals for our business, otherwise it would be hard to know where we’re going!

BUT this year is going to be different for us personally. We don’t have a mile-long list. We have a few resolutions each so that we can really focus on one goal….

This year we just want to be grateful.

Grateful for each day.

Grateful for the big and the little things.

Grateful for the relationships we’ve built.

Grateful for the business we run and the people who’ve made that possible.

Grateful for our health which allows us to do so much.

Grateful for every new thing we’ll get to learn.

Grateful for new adventures.

Grateful for new experiences.

Grateful for what we have now, today, this minute, in this moment.

…it’s a huge task. Maybe our biggest new year’s resolution ever, but we’re giving it a try.


The Reason: This past year has been busy….wild….exciting….sad….and exhilarating (basically you name the emotion, we felt it). No matter what curve balls 2014 threw our way we still had an incredible year…

We were alive.

We had our health.

We had our loving families and friends.

We had each other.

We decided we didn’t want to be those people who’d complain how it’s only Wednesday because there might come a time when we wished we had those Wednesdays back! We didn’t want to get stuck waiting for the day we had this or that because there might come a time when we have all those things and then what?

Each day is a gift and we hope to be grateful of those gifts, right now…today and every day. This is our resolution.

Being grateful. ~Erik & Marissa


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