Natural Reflectors Part 2 of 3 : Shirts

How to shoot like a pro…using natural reflectors (for free!). Part 2 is all about the clothes you wear as a photographer. Did you know the shirt you wear makes a big difference on a close-up of your subject? Especially on a sunny day!

Let’s say you don’t want to lug around a reflector, like this one below, or maybe you find it awkward to hold equipment in both hands!


Another option you have is to wear a white shirt. When you stand close to your model the sun will reflect from the sky off of your shirt and bounce back into your model’s face. You will have the total opposite effect if you wear a black shirt, sucking all the light from the sun into your shirt.


For the biggest shirt reflection, place your model with his/her back towards the sun and stand close to your subject. The sun should be hitting your white shirt for the best reflective light. See below…


The two portraits below the behind the scenes pics were edited in the exact same way (if you don’t trust us, look at the blue wall in the background behind me…same color, same exposure). The left photo was when Erik had on his white shirt and let the sun hit it, reflecting back onto my face (for set up, see the behind the scenes photo directly above each portrait). The right photo was when Erik had on his dark maroon/black shirt. You can see how I’ve even lost that nice reflection in my eyes and the maroon from his shirt is actually making my face look even redder!


Erik’s white shirt is acting as a natural reflector! Part 3 of natural reflectors coming soon…if you missed part 1, natural reflection with snow, catch up here!

Thanks for reading and get out there with a camera, the sun, and your white shirt! ~Erik & Marissa

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