It’s a BOY!

This week we learned that our little baby chick (now halfway cooked) is a BOY!

Some questions we’ve been asked…

Did you have a premonition for the gender? Nope, but Erik thought it might be a girl and I thought it might be a boy. In fact every male we asked predicted girl and every female we asked predicted boy!

Did you have any gender dreams? Not one, but it would have been really cool. We’ve heard a lot of fun stories of people dreaming of their babies and are waiting for our own to come one night.

Are you excited? Of course! We’re just happy to have a healthy baby. The ultrasound showed that everything was normal and our little baby boy has 10 fingers and 10 toes so we’re pumped!

Do you have a name picked? We have a few we’re tossing around. We’ll definitely let people know once we’ve decided, but it’s a big decision that will last our son’s lifetime so we’re giving it some serious thought.

How are you feeling? Excellent, I’ve been really lucky thanks to my genetic make-up. My belly is finally popping out to look round and pregnant, which is better than just looking fat.
Luxurious hair is definitely a true maternity trait that I’m enjoying just like I’m not enjoying the new calf cramps. Erik is helping me stay happy and calm and we’re enjoying feeling baby’s first tiny kicks with our palms, it’s amazing!


Side note about these photos: we took them before we knew! And of course if our little boy wants to wear bows we’re all for it.

Looking forward to meeting our little guy! And hoping he comes out with a mustache.:)~Erik & Marissa


Lisa Henry - Love!

Sheena Costa - Love this! My son has a little mustache lol.

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