Our Baby Story

We totally get it now…all those new parents posting about how fast time flies with kids. It’s 100% true.

It feels like just a few months ago we found out we were pregnant and then nine months happened in the blink of an eye while we prepared for parenthood, moved into our house (started a bunch of home projects), and worked through our busiest wedding season to date!


Then our due date came and went like many first time parents experience, but we kept busy with 2 photo sessions that day and lots of walks and fall gardening chores the next. All the activity must have prompted our little guy to come see what was happening!


Labor and delivery was everything and nothing like we expected. We’ll spare you the gory parts and just say it was a truly magical ending when Erik was asked to deliver our baby and the little (actually big!) guy surprised us all by coming into the world with a full head of blond hair!


It’s been 4 wonderful and exhausting weeks since that day we first met our Bryce. Each day brings new surprises like baby smiles (the good) and blow-outs (the ugly). We are learning a lot from him already and love Bryce more than we thought possible. Thanks to everyone for the support, advice, texts, food, gifts, understanding and love that you’ve showered on us and Bryce. He is one loved little dude. ~Erik & Marissa


Thanks to our amazing friend Julianna of Julianna J Photography for taking our first set of family photos. (Our poor baby is going to be photographed WAY too much.) Some of our favorites…







Kelly Bolender - Love, and love again :) xo BEAUTIFUL!

Susan Fritts McConnell - So lovely….beautiful, sweet, adorable! WOW!

Julie Fraser - Stupendously delicious!! You get it! All of it! Bravo!

Carly BirdVogel-McDonald - Such a wonderful blessing and family <3

Stephanie Liljedahl - Sadie and I are enjoying your pictures! Sadie says congratulations and Wow! Look at all that hair!!! Sadie Freeman was one of your biggest fans at hammer montessori. :)

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