Ashley & Duncan | Parsons Garden Engagement

As he sat on the plane getting ready to descend with his soon to be fiancé there was a question on the claims form about what you were bringing. The diamond ring he had hidden wasn’t something he wanted to discuss with Ashley, since that was the biggest secret he’d ever kept from her. After faking a trip to the restroom and confirming with the flight attendants that it was indeed not something he needed to claim (since they’d be taking it back home with them!) he decided he wouldn’t waste another moment.

Once they were all checked in to their hotel they took a walk along the waterfront with a view of the Sydney Opera House at sunset. As they strolled into a botanical garden Duncan knelt and produced the hidden gem he’d been carrying across the globe. Ashley’s surprise was magnified as perfectly timed fireworks began over the water (although this was just a wonderful coincidence). Their Australian adventure had just begun and so had the next chapter of their lives together.

Can’t wait to celebrate with you two next year and hear even more Ashley-isms! ~Erik & Marissa


Laura Martinell - I’m so in love cousin ♡♡ so happy for you and mister duncan! I love the first one with the purple flowers! And the one with two pics with nose kisses ♡

Kelsey Gray - Absolutely stunning Ash!!!!

Mary Breckel - So beautiful!!

Mallory Martin - The cutest pics ever!

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