Bryce’s Room


Oh how time has flown. Not only is it our crazy fun, busy, hot, lovely wedding season, BUT we’re also trying to “stop and smell the roses”…with our son. He loves flowers, but mostly enjoys pulling on them, tearing off the petals, and then shoving them in his mouth (and doesn’t love our sweeping fingers in his mouth fishing them out). Needless to say, time with him is amazing and at the top of our priority list since it seems like he grows an inch (and a pound) each day. So even though we were planning on photographing his nursery before he was born, it happened when he was 7 months and even though we planned on posting this blog then, it’s happening now…as he’s turning 9 months tomorrow!

So finally here it is, a labor of love (you’ll read why below)…Bryce’s room.


You may notice that he doesn’t have a crib. True. We tried our very best to create a Montessori nursery for him (Marissa used to be a Montessori teacher and loves the philosophy behind it all). Thus, no crib, and instead his mattress is on the floor. We built the little bed around the mattress from reclaimed high school bleacher wood we bought at a reuse building supply store here in Seattle so he wouldn’t roll out. So far so good, but we did have to block the opening for now with a pillow, at least until he learns to crawl down off the mattress without slamming into his face.


The mobile is a branch from our backyard that we strung folded cranes from (a skill learned way back when).


An estate sale brought this little pony wagon to Bryce from his Grammy. All of his toys were gifts or hand-me downs from our childhoods, family, and friends.


We incorporated some old baby photos of ourselves, silver cups we used as babies passed down from our parents, and of course Bryce’s first camera (the one toy we bought).


None of the art is fancy, but a lot has meaning, like the sun below. We painted it the week we spent in Mexico for our wedding.


This chair was Marissa’s as a girl so we painted it to give it a fresh look.

We learned how to sand, stain and refinish furniture with this dresser below (oh so much fun). Maternity photo by Barrie Anne Photography.


Etsy was quite possibly the most dangerous/wonderful place for decor. The blocks are handmade by one of our best friends’ sisters in Ohio!


So many people have asked us if we added a ballet bar (below left), and although we certainly plan to put Bryce in lessons (our family has a huge dance background) this is actually a pull-up bar, specifically for teaching infants how to stand from seated (a Montessori thing).


Bryce’s favorite thing is banging on the keys of his little piano (an 80 year old relic). Hopefully that leads to a musical ear? For now, we grin and pretend the music is peaceful.

Like everything in our life with Bryce these days, we cherish the moments, each new development, and every new sound and smile. He’s definitely teaching us to enjoy the little things and slow down a bit…and his biggest lesson of all? The funniest things happen all the time, you just have to stop to see them.

~Erik, Marissa & Bryce


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