O & E – Adding L and V = LOVE!

We met this truly fun-loving couple in San Francisco over the weekend where they introduced us to a new park that overlooked the city. What a beautiful, scenic location! Not only was the view photogenic, but these two had a warmth about them that made us feel like we’d known them for awhile. We love couples who laugh and chat during our photo sessions- this first photo shows how much fun they must have together.


Did we mention they brought along 2 great dogs? We are definitely animal people so when we got to meet this over-sized-super-sweet doberman and chubby-friendly-tongue-hanging-out-of-mouth pit bull we were thrilled. We find it funny when people think these dogs are scary because they are supposedly the fighting breeds. These two canines were nothing but loving, hilarious little buddies. 

This lively couple let their personalities shine during our photo session. They loved each other, cared about their pups, and definitely know how to have a good time no matter where they are or who they’re with!

We love your happiness. Thank you for sharing laughs and a great photo session with us!

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