How Thanksgiving got a new name.

This year we titled the holiday Brycegiving, because well, not only is Bryce at the top of our list to be thankful for, but this year it also marked his one year around the sun, or a whole year of us surviving parenthood aka an entire year of us keeping our baby alive. (Is he still called a baby? It’s likely he is now considered a toddler, but like our mothers remind us he’ll always be our baby.)

Remembering back on this year, our first with this bright light in our lives, is sort of a wonderful blurry mess. There were some late nights (or mornings rather), the kind we used to have in college but instead of being out dancing with friends we were rocking a crying bundle trying to figure out what in the world we were doing wrong (although I’m sure there was some of that in college too).

Sleepless nights gave way to happy days like the one we shared as a family on the carpet building towers for Bryce to topple on the day he proudly learned to crawl. Watching his face when he drank seltzer water for the first time or after his little friends learned to pull his hair gave us giggles. The pitiful day we finally got him a haircut (sorry 18 year old Bryce for waiting so long, but we loved your man bun) and how he finally became quick enough to body slam the cats (much to our delight, but not to the cat’s).

There were times we didn’t know what to do, times we loved, times we probably would be okay forgetting, and times we wished we remembered. As we heard from a friend, “the days are long, but the weeks are fast”. Cherishing each moment, like last week’s celebrations with our one year old, are a constant reminder that life goes quickly so we’re trying to drink up every sweet drop of our Sir Brycington.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! ~Erik & Marissa

A mini photo montage of our first year with Sir B…

His birth day.


10 days (photo credit: Julianna J Photography)


3 months; 5 months


6 months


6 months (photo credit: Blue Rose Photography)


10 months


11 months




11 months; 1 year


happy birthday little love.


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