Jackie & Darren – Engaged | Columbus Ohio Country

You know when everything lines up perfectly? As photographers this happened to us the night we met Jackie and Darren. We already know and love Jackie, but Darren turned out to be an amazing guy, and a perfect match for Jackie. Not only was the company fabulous, but the conditions were also just right! The sun was setting and Darren had picked a wonderful location out in the country for our session. We had so much fun that we lost track of time and kept on shooting, ignoring the hot temperatures and focusing on the playful love of Jackie & Darren. Jackie specifically told us, “neither one of us is very serious” so we captured their fun-loving relationship. One of our favorite parts of the session was using Darren’s truck. When they need to relax Jackie and Darren go Country Cruising and drive back roads together in the truck with the windows down…this led to using the truck in our session and we loved the way it brought out Jackie & Darren and showed their love for each other.

Wishing you love and happiness Jackie & Darren. Cannot wait for the wedding!

Vic - I like the ones with the bike. I wish Kiki was in the basket.

edgey - Wow! Awsome pictures! Is this going to be advertising for the photo studio? You should be a model Jax…

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