So Thankful.

Every year this is our favorite time of year. Not only is fall just the best season full of colors (okay, we love to photograph during this season too!), smells (and as a pregnant woman I can tell you these smells are the best), and food, but we get to see so many people we love celebrating our favorite holidays from Halloween to NYE!

We also love reflecting this month, thinking of others and appreciating all life has given.

Marissa: This year I am most thankful for the people who make me feel loved. My rock, Erik, who truly makes me want to be a better person. My little love bug, Bryce (who has a million other names), who made me a mama and makes me smile during hard times and laugh constantly (toddlers are seriously so much fun). Our family, near and far, who love us unconditionally, even when I revert back and act like a teenager. Our friends, who aren’t required to love or even like us, but do anyway. And finally the little kicker in my belly who keeps me up at night excitedly awaiting his arrival.

Erik: The last couple of years seem to have been filled with unfortunate events around the world with mass killings and lives lost way too early. Each time this happens I can’t help but think how grateful I am to have everyone close to me safe. I’m appreciative to live comfortably, move, have food and love. As our family continues to grow I’m constantly speechless as to how thankful I am. I love you Marissa, Bryce, Erik Junior:)and all of our family and friends.

Bryce: (we can only assume, but…) Jumping on the couch. Flamingos. My mama & papa. Babies. Violins. Running to Caspar Babypants’ Run Baby Run. Music videos. Playdough. Bananas, yogurt, salami, and ice cream.

A look back at our favorite moments this fall (so thankful for them all):

Pumpkin patching with our little pumpkin.


A walk around the block a few weeks back turned into an impromptu photo session (poor Bryce with his photographer parents!).


We love Halloween, always have and likely always will. Hopefully our kids will continue letting us do family costumes!


Post wedding-season vacation to Kauai was everything we needed before baby #2 makes his arrival.


Our family session took place in the rain this year! More on that in a post coming soon. We had so much fun with our talented friend, Julianna J Photography!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! May you feel loved, joy and full (all the desserts please!) today. ~Erik & Marissa

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