B. Family – Girls, Girls, Girls

You know the saying, “girls have more fun”? With this pair we think it might be true. These two are not only adorable in photos, but really good to each other…and they certainly have a lot of fun!

What a great day with these two. We picked flowers, ran through fields, and watched them share many giggles.

Although they get along, these two are pretty different. One is more practical, while the other is a free spirit. Whatever their differences (even blonde vs brunette), we love how you can see the similarities in them below.

What a loving photo (below, left)! The funny thing is that right after this shot they started tickling each other and both lost totally lost it. Good thing we snapped this one first!

These two really do have fun together. Below is our favorite – trying to be tough, but on the verge of wild sister giggles. May you always stay this way with each other and cherish your sisterhood.

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Alongi Family – Speed Racer

Some of our favorite photos come at the most unexpected times. Anthony “speed racer” Alongi was all over the place…running, skipping and hopping. When we could, we snapped a few photos of this lovable child with his mom and dad.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was out, the grass we green and everyone was all smiles. This is why we love doing what we do.

After running around for a bit we could see that Anthony had his eye on the swings…so that’s exactly where we went. It was so nice capturing these images of proud parents enjoying time with their little man.

Thank you Alongi’s for letting us give you some memories.

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Grover Family – At the Farm

…or so it seems! This photo session was actually taken at one of our favorite parks, Ed Levine – in Milpitas, CA. There is a farm right next to it however, so we got great shots of the family with some of the animals as a backdrop.

We had a lot of fun with the kids, looking at lizards climbing up a tree (see excited face below) and balancing on fences like a gymnast.

We love how these next 2 photos match (totally not on purpose). Hugs all around!

Not only were there cows, horses, and dogs…the family also became intrigued by hang-gliders flying just overhead! What a day. Thank you Grover Family for a wonderful day at “the farm”.

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Shekhar Family – Reading in the Park

The Shekhar Family is a greatly bonded trio. Anishka is the center of her parents’ world. It was fun watching her chattering away to them and us throughout the entire photo session. Anishka has a twinkle in her eye!

The picture above is real…she truly can read every word in that Dr. Seuss book!

It was a pretty chilly day (even though it was the 1st of April) but Anishka braved it for fashion!

What a great family to work with…thanks Shekhars!


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Milstein Family – Running in the Rain

Meet Larklyn, Ruth and Sarah. They are quite a group of women. We met them at Vasona Lake for their first photo session in 12 years! They thought it was time to update those portraits and we were thrilled to do it for them.

Ruth and Sarah are only a few years apart and both on their way to doing great things. Ruth is at Chico State and Sarah is awaiting final recruitment for a track scholarship.

The day started out nice and sunny with a light breeze…but 20 minutes into the session it was dark and the sky opened up for some showers!

After running for cover and taking a few photos under the natural umbrella of a huge tree the rain left as quickly as it came.  We continued our photo session and the girls weren’t even complaining about a few wet hairs.

We made the girls have a bit of fun…this is one of our favorite pictures from the day.

What great smiles they constantly had! They must get it from their mom. We love the triad of hair colors the ladies sport! Thanks Milsteins, it was great working with you!

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