Parpan Family – Jump!

We knew we were going to like this family before we even met them. In our email correspondence Cherie warned us about her daughter Serena, saying that it’s hard to get a smile out of her and that she just had her 3rd birthday, but thinks she is 4. What a character Serena turned out to be! She had us laughing from the start.

Our time with Serena was spent picking up rocks, collecting them, throwing them…pretty much anything to do with rocks. The funny thing is when we asked Serena how old she was she said, “I’m 3,” which apparently was the first time she got it right!

Serena was also very sweet. She laughed and played with us. She listened to her parents and they were extremely patient with her, which we imagine is hard to do when you are 8 months pregnant.

Cherie was absolutely beautiful in her navy dress showing off her baby bump. She seemed to glow in each photo we took of her. While we were taking these loving shots of Cherie and Steve, Erik was Serena’s entertainer. He had her giggling and squealing. What about? Rocks!

The whole session Cherie and Steve were talking about how Serena liked to jump, but she wouldn’t show us! Finally, in the last two minutes of our shoot she was like a pogo stick, bounding all over the place. Congratulations on your soon to be new addition Parpan family!

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Imokawa Family – Sandals

We met the Imokawa family on a windy morning…and yes, those are actually clouds in California- shocking! We know this great family from school so it was easy to get started taking photos, not to mention perfect lighting. The girls are so sweet and were willing to do anything we asked for a picture. We walked the tracks and they just talked or played as we snapped away. (This was pretty impressive considering they all wear sandals whenever possible…calling themselves a “sandals family”.)

Sydney and Stuart were pretty funny together – play fighting and making faces, just like you should with a dad! We loved being able to capture their humor.

Samantha and Sydney were so great together! They are the kind of sisters that make you wish you had a sister to hang out with and laugh or play with.

Apparently these two don’t like taking photos, but it’s pretty hard to tell with their giant smiles and easy-going attitude. We think they warmed up to it and maybe even had fun too!

These next two really show Susan’s motherly love. She is so lovely with the girls – the emotion certainly shows.

Thank you for meeting us at the park! We had a lovely time. (Wishing Sydney good luck in middle school…congrats graduate!)

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Jing & Wayne – Flower War

Jing and Wayne are a great, young couple who have been together through school, moves, and even the experience of a long distance relationship. When we saw them together we saw the happiness they felt at finally being together, in the same city no less, and sharing time with one another.

These two were fun and silly together, but we were also happy to capture the more serious side of their relationship. They would be laughing and joking one moment and then holding hands and talking quietly the next. We love their range of emotions!

When we first handed Jing the flower to blow on Wayne she laughed, but thought it might be funny. You can see that we had to let Wayne retaliate and gave him about 10 times as many stems as Jing. We all thought it was pretty hilarious.

Jing and Wayne – we wish you much happiness as you finish school, spend time together, and enjoy exploring life together.

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Lina & Zhan – 30 Years

Lina and Zhan are the sweetest pair. We met them and instantly fell for Lina’s laugh and Zhan’s quiet, kind demeanor. We definitely made them feel a bit silly and had fun walking around the park talking about travels to China, marriage, and love. These two are experts on the last subject…they are soon celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary!

They certainly had many laughs during the shoot. We were happy to capture that joy.  Their son was the one to purchase a package for them to get them out, celebrating their 30th. We thought that was a very sweet idea! Happy 30th Anniversary Lina & Zhan.

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Cheung Family – Roses

Rowena, Andrew, and the girls- Lily-Rose and Zoe-Beth met us at the park on a special day…Mother’s Day! They celebrated this special day for Rowena with roses and a photo shoot. We loved sharing it with them and were happy that Rowena brought her roses along as a prop.

Rowena as a mother is loving, kind, patient, and laughs a lot, which is helpful when you have 2 girls under the age of 4. We love this girl photo where Rowena was actually tickling both to make them giggle for us.

Being the newest member of the household, Zoe-Beth was featured in some photos all by herself. What a beautiful baby girl she is!

Our favorite two shots from the session are below. What joy! Thank you Cheung Family.

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