Chu Family – Home Sweet Home

Usually we meet a couple like the Chu’s for an engagement session, but when they called it was for a much different occasion. They were celebrating, but it wasn’t an engagement or a baby…it was to celebrate their first home! We met Grace and Eric at their place, but really it’s much more than just a pad…this is their VERY first home together! They married last summer and were so happy to have a house to call their own that they scheduled with us to come document. They had obviously worked hard to landscape and decorate with immaculate care.

Their backyard was our favorite place to photograph. They had this beautiful, large canopy that had creeping vines covering their patio with inviting (and comfy) furniture where we got them comfortable and had them “drink coffee” for a few shots.

Capturing these special moments in life are what make our work so meaningful. We know that Grace and Eric will now have these photos of their first home together to show their families, wherever their lives take them in the future.

Grace made this adorable banner to celebrate their upcoming 1 year anniversary. These two were made for each other and we couldn’t be happier that we also joined them for this wonderful day.

Can you tell Grace is a teacher and Eric is a student? Who else would have whiteboards at the ready? These two are incredibly creative and thought of these props on their own. We love the adjectives they used to describe one another.

Thank you for sharing this exciting moment with us Grace and Eric! May your home be a happy place…

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Pike Family – Eskimo Kisses

Meet some of the coolest dressed kids we’ve met! We loved the colors, they were perfect for spring. It’s no wonder that their grandmother designs clothing. This trio was not only cute, but hilarious too! Melanie kept tickling her kids and we ended up with some great laughing shots.

When we said to the kids, “touch noses” this is what we got!

When mom said, “no, they mean Eskimo Kisses” they did this!

What characters these two are! While we were taking photos they decided to lay down and did this next pose on their own (right). You can tell these guys have such different personalities…I’m thinking serious vs. silly.

What we love about the next two are how expressive their faces are. Jordan tried to kiss his sister and the look on her face says something like, “I don’t think so!”  Then in reverse when Mikayla tried to kiss her brother his look makes you think something mischievous is about to happen. Oh siblings!

Kisses for mom! Thank you Melanie, Mikayla, and Jordan.

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Pagan Family – Boys Will Be Boys

What fun we had with these boys! You’d think Lisa and Dave would have their hands full with 4 boys, but Kale, Noa, Kai, and Kekoa were extremely respectful and well-mannered. We truly thought it was going to be tough getting them all to participate in the shoot, but it was one of the most relaxing nights!

This is certainly an active family. The oldest three are currently in baseball, but enjoy all kinds of sports throughout the year and the youngest is at the age where he’s crawling all over the house!

Kekoa was just getting his first two teeth and was proudly showing them off with huge gummy (and a tiny toothy) grins. Our favorite thing was that he liked to feel them with his tongue and consequently stuck his tongue out at us often (in the cutest way) that made us all laugh.

We loved the energy of this family, even if it was a lot of testosterone. They obviously love one another and make the time to be together as a family. Thanks guys!

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Sobota Family – Swinging Josie

What an absolutely adorable family this was! When we first met the Sobotas we at once knew they were going to be special. You could tell there was an abundance of love and joy in this family and they were excited to share their photo shoot with soon-to-be baby #2!  The entire photo session was laid back, fun, and playful. Just the way we like it!

You can tell Erin and Dave are incredibly patient, hands-on parents with the way they swung Josie around again and again just to make her giggle for the camera (and for fun too).

This couple was convinced we might not get a smile out of Josie (and were totally okay with that…it’s hard being almost 2!), but we were all happily surprised to see her toothy grin in this next photo! Many parents forget about getting their own photos taken so we always make it a point to get them alone while one of us chases the kids around. We love this happy picture of Erin & Dave, laughing, keeping their eye on Josie, and still in love.

Thank you Erin, Dave, and Josie! We loved watching you playing together, sharing your happiness with us.

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